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1-30-19 NEAA Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

January 30, 2019 Board Members in Attendance Rebecca Miller Jake Boudreau Jim Barbour Adrienne Card

There are lots of updates concerning the Big E. We are awaiting confirmation, but we are tentatively scheduled to have our breed exhibited during the Big E from Monday September 23rd to Wednesday September 25th. Our show will be on Wednesday September 25th. This timing will allow the animals to get settled in for a few days before the show. We will be housed in Mallory North along with the Highlanders. At the meeting we discussed how, Adrienne, the breed rep for the American Aberdeen, will be responsible for procuring sponsorship for the American Aberdeen show. The breed representative is responsible for writing a letter requesting support that will be sent out to previous individuals and organizations that have rendered support for the Lowline show up until 2017. The breed rep is also responsible for ordering and acquiring the prizes that will be given out and recommending a judge for the event. A request was made for the livestock judge Kaye Woolam Kaufman, and we are awaiting to here if she is available to judge our breed at that time. We will also be required to have RFID tags before the show, and Adrienne has begun to reach out to the region about getting into compliance, as different states have different ways of acquiring the tags.

A discussion was had with the previous breed rep, and historically the North East Lowline Angus Association was the largest sponsor of the show in September, along with personal donations from some of the individuals exhibiting. Our current breed sees no reason to discontinue this practice and will likely make a similar contribution in support of the show once the bank account is set up.

The Big East will be taking place on May 3-5th of 2019. Like the Big E, RFID tags will be required. This show is a junior show with a bit of a different set up, so individual breed sponsorship and judges are not needed/required. The show itself is looking for sponsorship and donations.

This year the Big E, Keystone in PA, and Fryeburg do not have any overlap, so it feasible for exhibitors to travel to all three shows to exhibit their animals.

It is not yet clear if Fryeburg will be taking new fullblood breeders for their show at the fair in October 2019. Adrienne will continue to pursue this topic and we will hopefully have an answer soon.

Both Jim and Rebecca have returned from the national meeting and stock show in Colorado. The Harvard Cowboy, who was brought in by Craig Walker, gave a great group of speeches about how we have a great opportunity with our Association and we are not reaching our potential. There will be a creation of eleven new committees; the association will be altered, and the association is going to be less like a dictatorship and more like a grassroots organization. Neil Effertz made the motion to incorporate these committees, which will now make many of the decisions outside of the board, and the board will be used for a final yes/no vote. There will be someone from each region on each of these committees, but voting will be limited to one vote from each region. This meeting really brought things home and was

incredibly positive for all involved. It has everyone more hope for the future of our organization.

Rebecca has joined a committee and they have had their first conference call (one of these committee’s is filled with all of the regional presidents...so that one has had a bit of a head start.). Rebecca will be sending out a list of all of these committees with their information and a description. Jim will be making a Facebook video to put on the Facebook page summarizing the exciting updates that took place at the meeting and how they will improve how we go forward with our breed. Rebecca is continuing to update the website and will be updating the email shortly.

Jake has had some issues setting up our new bank account (due to the old tax paperwork from the national association that identifies itself as a registry). However, Jake is trying a new bank that will hopefully allow this to be remedied so we can get a bank account, transfer in the old funds, and start the ball rolling on getting dues from our member in 2019.

We have had a great start to the new year in 2019 and look forward to future updates.

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