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10-8-18 NEAA Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

October 8, 2018 Board Members in Attendance Rebecca Miller Jake Boudreau Jim Barbour Adrienne Card

We opened the meeting by talking about Fryeburg Fair, and our possible addition of a separate fullblood show (percentage animals shown separately) in 2019. For the past three years percentage and fullblood have been shown together, even though the minimum head count of 20 fullbloods was reached. The unofficial word is that fullbloods will have their own private show, and will be able to bypass the 2 year waitlist customary for exhibitors at the Fryeburg fair for 2019. Secondly, we spoke about how Adrienne Card will be getting in touch with Donna Woolam this week about taking on the role of Breed Rep for the Big E. When we receive the letter from the national organization, talking about how we our regional group has been readmitted into the national association, it will be submitted to the Big E, Donna Woolam specifically.

We talked about how our bylaws have a minimum of three board members, and with five board members at this time we will be keeping our board at its existing size. We then decided to appoint positions. For this upcoming year, Rebecca Miller will take the role of President, Jim Barbour as Vice President, Adrienne Card as Secretary, and Jake Boudreau as Treasurer.

We talked about our upcoming logo change. We would all like to include the map of the northeast in our logo, and stick with continuing with a green theme. We will look forward to setting up special committee’s in this upcoming year once we get the membership and dues figured out, aside from the audit committee; we will be setting up an audit committee before the years end. We will also be figuring out our dues system and creating a new bank account linked to our tax ID number through the national association, and transferring the old funds from the NELAA into NEAA. Jake B will reach out to Melissa about transferring the old NELAA accounts to NEAAA shortly.

Adrienne Card will be preparing and sending letters of thanks to the three board members who resigned this past year, to thank them for their years of service. We will reconnect in a month or sooner.

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