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11-7-18 NEAA Board Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2018 Board Members in Attendance Rebecca Miller Jake Boudreau Jim Barbour Adrienne Card

We started the meeting by recapping our most recent undertakings. Rebecca has had some difficulty capturing all of our old member information and emails but is has now accumulated and listed and our regional association will be sending out an email to our old members with the past few months updates. Rebecca is also working on the website. There was a brief snag as the website has been run by retired board member Bill Kauffman for many years, and it was heavily linked through his private email. However, the issues have been worked out and hopefully by the end of this week we will be able to update the website. Finally, there are new logo updates that have been made, and that is being finalized for our website and promotional materials.

Jake has been in touch with former Treasurer Melissa Donaldson. Once we have received proof that a new regional organization has been approved from the national organization, she will transfer the existing funds from NELAA to our new North East Aberdeen Association. We will be transferring the accounts to TD Bank, as it is regional bank located through most of the Northeast. Both Jake and Adrienne will cosign. Jake will be working on a new motto for the organization as well and sending out his ideas to our board.

Jim relayed the conversation that he had with David Shockey, a former National Board Member who had just resigned, as well as one of the largest breeders of Fullbloods in the United States. The reason the board felt it was necessary to make contact, was David Shockey was the board member who was chiefly in communication with our group the past few months, and was tasked the responsibility of being our liaison, through this re-admittance process. With NELAA linked to a TAX ID set up under a dissolved national organization, we can only go so far individually setting up our new organization without information from the new national organization. David Shockey partly chose to leave the national organization due to a disagreement over elections, and nominations not going out in time for nominated members to be elected and make the ballot for the incoming term. Aside from this issue, we will be getting in touch with current board members over the next week to outline what needs to be done before years end to merge our national organization with our regional organization.

Adrienne has been in contact with Donna Woolam whom is the livestock director at the both the Big E and the Big East. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the letter from the National Organization showing that we are back under their umbrella. When that is received, hopefully very soon, it will be submitted to Donna in support of our bringing back our individual breed show at the Big E in 2019. Adrienne also spoke with Sherry Doubet about the national board meeting notes not being posted (we were accepted back under the national board during their September meeting) however, they have yet to post those secretarial notes. Inquiries have also been sent to the current board members about this matter.

The overall tone of our meeting was that with the end of year rapidly approaching, as well as a different board coming in (we are in the middle of our national elections), it is very important that we push through and finalize the details of our north east group. Meeting adjourned.

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