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12-1-18 NEAA Board Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2018 Board Members in Attendance Rebecca Miller Jake Boudreau Jim Barbour Adrienne Card

We first talked about the positive feedback received from our membership when a letter was sent to the old membership of NELAA concerning our reformed alliance with the regional American Aberdeen Association (AAA). The letter had been sent on November 28th by Rebecca. The feedback received was all positive, and there were requests to get reset up with dues, which we will be facilitating as quickly as possible. The W9 was also received this past week on November 29th. A request has been sent to Melissa Donaldson, the former Treasurer of NELAA, to submit the purchases and receipts from 2018, so they can be properly filed by the national AAAA. Jake will be following up with Melissa in hopes of receiving this information as quickly as possible, especially with the end of the year readily upon us.

We talked about creating a new email and linking it with the future updated website. The problem with the old email was that it was linked with a person, and with that individual retired from the board, we became unable to remove the link with his personal e-mail. We will update this in the future with creating an e-mail that can easily be transferred from individuals to a business type email and website that is not tied to any personal account. Jim also mentioned that it would be great to ensure that we keep the old NELAA domain and link it to the new site to continue to direct traffic our way.

Jake introduced three new slogans that were all a possibility for our regional rebrand. These are: “Little Beef for a Better Plate”, “Better Beef for a Greener Tomorrow”, and “Short Cows that Stand Above the Rest”. NELAA did not have slogan previously.

We talked about all taking a look at our current bylaws and updating them to reflect our new regional association. At this time the bylaw changes will be mostly cosmetic and consist of removing the term Lowline and replacing it with Aberdeen.

Adrienne will be reaching out to Donna Woolam, the livestock administrator at the Big E this upcoming week. She was unable to reach her this past week but will reach out again on Monday.

We talked about a bylaw change in the spring that occurred in the AAA that is affecting current voting. This change removed those from voting that have not registered animals in the association in the current year. We talked about that how many members are unaware of this change, and how it may penalize a board member who has paid their dues but may have had reasons to register any stock. A good example of this includes a breeder with only a few bulls born. Most bulls ultimately get steered, as only the best are kept as bulls in the pursuit of genetic improvement. People rarely register stock destined for the plate. An upstanding member may lose their ability to vote because they didn’t have any registerable new heifers in a current year. The national chapter also had a change in nominations for voting. There was some concern that people are unaware they are nominated and are then unable to provide ballot information in time to actually be on the ballot in November. The task of alerting the individual of their nomination has changed from the organization itself to the responsibility of

the nominator. In addition to this it is uncertain if seconding is not required to nominate an individual.

We wrapped up the meeting by talking about the need to hurry to get banking and other information in order by the end of the month in time for the years end, so we can retain membership and collect dues.

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