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2-28-19 NEAA Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

February 28, 2019 Greg and Leslie Wilson Rebecca Miller Jim Barbour Jake Boudreau Dawn Sarafin Adrienne Card Rob O’Neill Bruce Petow Tom McKenny Kate Auger

Call Meeting to Order Treasurer’s Report The new bank account is set up and old funds have transferred, the bank account is currently at $15,024.13. Make sure to write checks out to the new name, the Northeast Aberdeen Association. We voted to waive the initial joining fee this year, so everyone will pay the cost of renewal. Breed Rep Report Big East May 3-5, 2019 Big E September 23-25, 2019 I would like to create a committee, I will remain the single liaison for Big E/Big East but would like help from other who attend other shows and have show experience. Approved Meeting minutes from January 30th, 2019 Talk about Paul Moya/Harvard Cowboy Paul Moya gave an excellent talk at the national meeting out West. This talk has made big changes in our organization and has led to a change from a top down to a bottom up, a true grass roots organization. A grass roots organization allows every member to have input and value. This was very exciting meeting, and at the end of the talk a motion was made to adopt this model, and it was approved. It is time to put the past behind us, change the way we think, and move in a new direction. People walked out with so much hope at the end of the meeting for the future of the organization and the breed. Paul Moya’s talk should be released soon, it is currently in the hands of Ag-Town. National Committees and identify their BOD chairs

Breeder Services – This is a very action-oriented committee. Helping the registration process, possible facilitating the creation of how-to videos, help in the breed office, webinars, creating short courses like at Texas A & M or Washington. BOD Neil Effertz, Wade Coffey

Bylaws/Rules/Resolutions – Helping to facilitate the evolution of the National Aberdeen Association, make sure bylaws/rules, and resolutions are in compliance, and help come to resolution for any problems that may occur. BOD Gary Gilbert, Darwin Engelkes, Allen Sieverkropp

Finance – Give financial quarterly reports, build budgets, and plan for the future. BOD Neil Effertz

International – This committee will try to repair some of divide that has occurred with other international associations that breed Australian Lowline/American Aberdeens. This committee will also work on creating new guidelines to avoid further fissures on the international scale concerning the breed and promote friendships.


Juniors – To help structure and oversee Juniors for Junior events and shows (Youth up to age 21). This will also include helping with Junior Nationals and helping with new Junior Board Members. BOD Allen Sieverkropp, Shane Goss, Darwin Engelkes

Ledger – Helping to both manage and formulate the Ledger and helping make sure it is done well to represent the Aberdeen breeders. This committee will also nominate a “Meet the Rancher” on a rotating schedule, one rancher from each of the five regions. BOD Neil Effertz

Nomination – Work on restructuring and improving how are national elections were done historically. This will also include work on the nominations process, to ensure it is more clearly understood and practiced moving forward. BOD Rob Fanning

Promotion – This group will evaluate current programs in place and create new ones to help promote the Aberdeen breed. This will include if there is a need to change with Ag-Town or any other avenues to productively promote the breed. This would also include banners, beef programs, international room, and similar elements relating to promotion.

BOD Wade Coffey

Sales – Helping to structure, oversee, and approve both sales and sale managers. Help keep up to date calendar for sales. BOD Rob Fanning

Show – Helping to structure, oversee, and implement shows all around the country, establish new ones, and generate a plan for old and new shows alike. This committee will help with Judges and production of the shows. BOD Wade Coffey

Strategic Planning/Marketing – Focusing on direction and long-range goals for the Aberdeen Breed/Breeders. Ex Bull Tests, Fullbloods, Moderators, Aberdeen Plus, Beef programs and so on. BOD Neil Effertz, Darwin Engelkes

There is also a 12th committee which has already been composed and met. This committee is composed of the regional presidents and is helping to facilitate our current progress into a grassroots organization. Details on this committee can be found below.

Regional/Awards – This committee is already composed of each regional president. They have already met and will help guide and appoint regional members to these committees. The Regional/Awards committee will also decide future awards given out at the National meetings and help nominate breeders from each region.

BOD Gary Gilbert

Personal Agenda

It needs to be understood that the individual in these committees represents the interest of the northeast Aberdeen association not their individual interests, and they can be removed from the position if an individual oversteps. That being said, the decisions and votes are not meant to be unanimous, but rather the majority vote and decide.

Other regional groups are having an alternate in case someone can’t attend a meeting, I think with modern distractions and issues this is a necessity to make sure the northeast attends every meeting. Even if both alternate and primary try to attend every meeting, someone will be there if one forgets, etc.

If you would like to be on the national committee, we will request members email a bio of their interest to the board. We are trying to get our responses in by March 15th to have a prompt decision.

The National organization is purchasing a zoom account which is a video conference application, and we are likely to use this application in the future in our region as well. Once individuals are designated to these committees, we are likely to also see an increase in electronic meetings throughout our region.

New interest for American Aberdeen stock came out of the International Room. There is a lot of interest in expanding the genetics in both South America and Latin America that came about in Houston this past week at the International Room.

We are going to be evolving as we make changes to bylaws and nominations on the national and regional scale to conform and make these committees. Committees will have overlap.

There are benefits to joining our regional association, and the national group is working on improving the awareness when people join the National group that there is a regional association that they can work and participate with.

Junior interest is growing, and as we get more involved in our region, we will certainly let them lead and direct us.

Kansas is the location of the National Junior Aberdeen Show in the end of June. We have a lot of interest in helping juniors in the Northeast, whether it is participating in the Fryeburg youth show, Big East, hosting a clinic, or sponsoring children to go out to Kansas. There seems to be a breed consensus that Juniors are our future and we want to do what we can to support them.

Meeting Adjourned.

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