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9-18-18 Big E NELAA Annual Meeting

Big E NELAA Annual Meeting Board Members in Attendance Rebecca Miller Maggie Flahive Adrienne Card

September 18th, 2018 7 pm

Our first part of the meeting was to elect two new board for the board. Jake Boudreau, from Four Town Lowlines, and Jim Barbour from Barbour Farms. Adrienne Card took the position of Secretary. We reviewed the information since last year’s meeting, which was also held at the Big E, the topics of which were: the vote that our membership took the previous year to discontinue our association with the National group, and the summer open show that took place, and changes to our breed show in both the Big E and Big East in Springfield Massachusetts. To summarize, our club members voted to remain a Lowline association and to not affiliate with the newly formed American Aberdeen Association. Secondly, we had a lowline open show in Massachusetts this past summer. We had 10 animals in attendance brought in, and some breeders coming down to visit from VT as well as other public visitors local to the area. The show went well but we were hoping a better date and location may improve future attendance. The final piece was the loss of the Lowline Angus show at the Big E. Two members brought 3 cows to the show, as we are welcome to show in AOB, but general attendance in AOB was low as well. Lowlines represented 3 of the 6 animals entered.

We welcomed some new members and started to talk about what we could do to improve this upcoming year. We had discussion about choosing to re-associate with our national organization. As our bylaws are based on a non-existent organization, American Lowline Registry, we decided to take a vote of our current attendance of 14 people, to see who was considering making the switch to re-associate, and the vote was unanimous, 14 of 14 people voted in favor. The board will be writing a letter to request readmittance into the national organization. Next, we spoke about improving our numbers at the Big E and other shows and decided to compile a list of current shows that breeders exhibit at in the North East. The list can be found below.

At the end of the meeting we discussed a possible new location for having a meeting in June for breeders of the North East. Suggestions were Keystone in York, PA, Albany NY, Cobleskill NY, and Durham, CT. We will be reaching out to our membership to decide accordingly.

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