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9-24-18 NEAA Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

At 8:30 pm on September 24, the board met on phone conferencing. In attendance were Rebecca Miller, Jake Boudreau, Jim Barbour, and Adrienne Card. We began the meeting by updating what had occurred since the last meeting at the Big E. Melissa Donaldson resigned her position of treasurer from the board. She will send the funds from the NELAA bank account to the future organization when it is set up in its entirety. As there were only 6 animals exhibited in the Big E All Breed show this year, (three of which were Lowline/American Aberdeen), there were talks of returning the specific breed show to the 2019 Big E. After the Big E ends the breed rep will get in touch about upcoming scheduling for the 2019 Big E and Big East. If a new breed Rep is needed, Adrienne Card will take the position and Rebecca Miller will help if needed.

Jim has been in touch with David Shockey, a current board member on the AAA. They are meeting tomorrow, September 25. It was voted on at the previous meeting that a letter would be written asking readmittance to the national organization. Rebecca will send draft an email and send it to review by the board by 11 am tomorrow. Once approved it will be sent to David to be presented at the September 25th meeting. To avoid a lapse in tax filing, we are expediting this letter to ensure we remain in good standing with the IRS. (The regional organization was a non-profit filed under the ALR-AAA, and current filing status is unknown).

We then talked about the name of our organization, as regional organizations are called Aberdeen Breeders or Aberdeen (as in North East Aberdeen Breeders Association or North East Aberdeen Association. After discussion Jim nominated to use Aberdeen in lieu of Aberdeen Breeders, Rebecca Seconded the motion and it passed 4-0.

After the meeting and regional association approval, a logo will need to be designed and used, Adrienne Card will help with this. We will also need to redo the website before the years end, it has been paid for by Bill Kauffman until December 20th 2018.

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