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January 28 , 2020 Meeting

January 28 , 2020

Board Members in Attendance

Jim Barbour

Jake Boudreau

Adrienne Card

Dawn Sarafin

Rebecca Miller

Dawn put a motion to declare the yearly dues at $25.00. Seconded by Jake, approved.

National Meeting Update: Paul Moya was at the meeting and he spoke again to the membership. He broke the attendees into groups, and asked questions. One discussion was about what was not going correctly with the committees. Another point was what was right with the committees and working well within the groups. The final question was oriented around what can be done to fix and get ourselves where we need to be, how to fix what is not working well. We will work to fix our issues to become more affective.

IMI global was a very quiet presentation, not as motivating as last years topics.

International Committee is working with a reciprocal agreement with Canada and Australia. There has been success with Canada but Australia is still in negotiations. International voted on the new committee bylaw.

The Northeast donation basket was a large success. We look forward to contributing something similar next year.

Keystone: Proposal was sent in, February 18th meeting we will know if it was accepted and hopefully some further information.

IT has been suggested that we combine some committess and reduce the overall number to run things more successfully.

Committee suggestions coming from the Northeast for this coming year:

-Combine Bylaws and Nominations

-Combine Sales and Show

-Combine Promotion and Ledger


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