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NEAA 7-8-19 Meeting Minutes

July 8th, 2019

Board Members in Attendance

Rebecca Miller Jake Boudreau Jim Barbour

Adrienne Card

Jo Heuler

Julie Varilek

Tom McKenny

Committee Updates

International Committee

Good feedback and participation in this committee. The committee is still trying to reignite the reciprocal agreements between Canada and Australia. The current hang up is Australia is adding a letter if an American animal is registered in Australia by anyone but the original breeder. The goal is to try to get fair and equitable registration between animals registered in other countries and the United States. International pamphlets are being made in other languages (Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish) along with welcome letters, to better serve this emerging market. Websites and links in these languages are also being created.


Last meeting didn’t come to fruitation, after the second quarter they are meeting and Tom will have an update at that time.

Bylaws, Rules and Resolutions

A piece being worked upon is how to consider a vote when the youth register the parent’s cattle but may not have registered an animal themselves. There are a lot of Bylaws and Rules that have to be addressed still and a lot of changes to be made.

Task Force/Strategic Planning

The original meetings were for the task force, not the strategic planning, but not the strategic planning ended up proceeding ahead and Jim is on both committees. At the next meeting the issue with age source verification will be discussed. Some of the difficulty being had on this and some other committees three or four board members call in and it further complicates the grass roots agenda of the five voting regional members.


This committee has been meeting pretty regularly and consistently. New rules and dates have been outlined for the nomination process. One of the decisions that has been made is to have Darwin (who’s seat expires this year) fulfill the last two years of Wade Coffey’s seat (he is resigning from the board at the end of the year). So one board seat will be up for a three year duration that the membership will vote on this fall. The nomination committee will be further working with the Bylaws committee in regards to these details and implement them in the future.


Juniors committee is still finding its way. We have a lot of Board oversight, but it is not readily clear if that oversite should be from the junior board themselves. Adrienne attended Junior Nationals in Kansas which was a great experience. For the first time, we have a junior, Skye Korroch, from the Northeast who has received a position on the National Junior Board.


Ledger met, membership issues has gone out and has been well received. Our region was happy with the advertisements and quality of the issue. We can request extra copies, and they do come with Dean Pikewhen he travels or they can be requested from the office.

Breeder Services

The committee has met twice so far. Improve the accessibility and understanding of DNA and registration, as the process can be both daunting and confusing. There are also frustrations with the office and the processing time of registrations. This is something that needs to be fixed as the process can be so tedious people are not registering their animals.


The five regional presidents met recently at the Jr National meeting and had a President's meeting. Unfortunately, Craig, who's the president and of the National Association and Gary Gilbert, who is our Board of Directors liaison couldn't make it. So for the first time in the whole committee career – this committee got to have a meeting of the presidents and individuals could express what they thought. So a couple of things that have come up are that committee meetings are being not only run by the board of directors, but steered or directed and lead by the BOD. This is not really the idea of this whole grassroots effort.

The idea of committees having separate emails was discussed. Not individual emails, but committee emails that would remain the same and be individually forwarded to the current board members. If someone has a question for the financial committee or suggestion it would go directly to the board members.

A lot of the problem is that we're having great discussions on a committee level, but we're not really sure what's going up to the board. Not much is coming back from the board and we're really not getting anywhere

At presidents meeting it was voted unanimously that there is a need to implement a financial audit.

The Zoom account is available for any of us to use to reach out and have discussions with other members.


RFD TV American Rancher segment for American Aberdeen. This is being researched to to see if this would reach the right people. Also working with Dean Pike with his travels to best promote the breed.

On the front of the Northeast, we are planning on having our Annual Meeting at the Big East on September 24th. The show will be on the 25thof September. It was also found out that Fryeburg has not honored their conversations with breeders and will not be showing fullbloods differently from percentage animals in the 2019 season, as was discussed previously. More conversations need to be had, but ultimately this may sway our emphasis in the Northeast and build a new market at a livestock expo such as Keystone, but it is too early to make any strong conclusions.

The Northeast Region would like to present a regional membership directory similar to what is offered to the Midwest and Western Region to our region. This is something that more details will be coming out in coming months.

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