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Membership Letter

NELAA Members-

Thank you for your continued support, through your membership. There have been some challenges in the past year for our organization. Since succeeding from the National Association, we have struggled. One of the largest hurdles we faced was a transaction freeze, not allowing us to collect dues or conduct business using our bank accounts. We had also lost the marketing avenues that the national organization afforded us. These challenges were discussed at our Annual General membership meeting, held at the BigE Tuesday Sept 18th. The meeting was well, attended. During the meeting discussions were held regarding the future and,direction of our association with these obstacles. In order to rectify the current shortcomings we would have two choices; either spend a large portion of the money in our account on a lawyer to legally stand as a separate organization without the national backing, or rejoin the AAA.

Of the 14 voting members at the meeting, all 14 voted unanimously to rejoin AAA. We all agreed,no matter the name, we all enjoy the same cattle and desire to support and collaborate with each other for the betterment of the breed. We believe in these cattle, and the power and strength of the breeders. Reassociating with the American Aberdeen Association will allow us to participate in national events, involve other regional associations in our marketing and reciprocate,as well as joining the list of regional associations on the National website and quarterly newsletter.

We are still free to list and market our cattle as we see fit, including continuing to market as Lowlines. We are encouraged that this change will allow us to grow as breeders and as an organization. Please join us as the new North East Aberdeen Association in sharing the cattle we all are so passionate about.

Your NEAA ( formerly NELAA) Board of Directors,

Rebecca Miller, President

Jim Barbour, Vice President

Adrienne Card, Secretary/ Breed Represantative

Jake Boudreau, Treasurer

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