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NEAA 2020 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting NEAA November 20, 2020

Jake Boudreau

Jim Barbour

Adrienne Card

Rebecca Miller

Dawn Sarafin

Dustin Bender

Tom McKenny

Bruce and Austin Petow

Curtis Ohlde

Hallie Goetz

Ken and Jayne

Steve Hoffman

Jo Hueler

Melissa Gander

Kathleen Pitman Smith

Jessee Tate

Treasurer’s Report

$11,366.88 in the balance account, not much money coming in or out with the pandemic. We will need to try and get more membership coming in during the future.

Jim is elected for another term of Vice President by the voting membership.

Committee Updates


An equitable agreement is still being worked on to reach an agreement between both Canada and Australia. Spanish literature is being distributed and we have a potential South American client. There will be a visit when we travel/COVID restrictions are lifted.


Continuing to forge ahead.

Strategic Planning

With the current Pandemic strategic planning has become difficult as things are continuing to change and be cancelled.


The committee has been busy moving the shows, and with Grand Isle just being cancelled in the past few days, they are seeing if planning a new show is feasible. There is currently a survey planned to see if the show can now be moved to Oklahoma. A survey was sent out today and those interested in going need to answer by Monday November 23rd. There is also the possibility that whether or not Denver returns as a National Show they may be in Oklahoma instead of Denver moving forward.


Things have been quiet but there has been talk of having a website redesign to make it more user friendly. There is also a change in the ledger with to issues being hard copies and two issues being digital, in addition to the new Outcross magazine, which will show the breed alongside other breeds in a non-competitive stance. This would be distributed to 10,000 households but is on hold trying to get more breeds involved.


There have been no meetings this year. They are struggling to receive full financial details at this time.


Junior committee successfully took on the role of interviews and decisions for junior board elections as well as Queen/Princess. Things have currently been more quiet with the canceling of Denver, but the committee is exploring ways to collect funds for scholarships.

Meeting Updates

Brian Walters (ultrasound tech) and Phillip Troughbridge (Facility Owner)—we have the possibility of using them both to have an outing for those interested in acquiring ultrasound data on their cows.

Andy Weaver is an ultrasound tech certified who is from Potsdam NY. There is possibly another tech in NY but we are not sure.

The possibility of creating a show team of juniors to get involved with NAILE.

We would like to look at setting a new standard for ways to evaluate the national board liason for committees.

Regional Dues

Lowering dues to $20 for a fire sale…let’s see if we can get people going. 20 for 2020, $1 off.

Votes cast, dues are confirmed at $20 for this coming year.

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