• NortheastAberdeen

October 23, 2019

Members in Attendance:

Jim Barbour

Jake Boudreau

Adrienne Card

Rebecca Miller

Dawn Sarafin

Bruce Petow

Committee Updates:


Committee’s will have a transition period where old and new reps will overlap for a few months. This is pending BOD approval but is likely to happen. We will likely put out feelers within the region for committees to see who has interest in each committee and vote around the new year.

Bylaws and Rules:

Rules committee’s still has a lot of great work to go. Right now the membership is trying to get ready for Denver and the annual meeting. More rules will be changed than bylaws. Rules will be changed to accommodate what we are currently doing with these subcommittees. There will be positive additions to the rules as well (currently the rules are focused on negatives).

Strategic Planning:

Committee is working on premium beef label, however some of the voting members are hesitant. Not all regions will necessarily benefit from this, as we have smaller numbers of breeders that may not see a benefit at this current time. Premium beef is really a goal a few years out, atleast in the northeast region. Strategic planning committees has some issues staying focused, but it is getting better.


Working on a label for premium beef, and changes are needing to be made. The promotion board is working on getting more features in publications highlighting the breed, but waiting to hear about the budget before moving forward. Hobby Farmer Magazine will be publishing an article showcasing the breed in December. Promotion is making sure this feature showcases the correct elements of the breed with help from Agtown.


A smooth hard working committee, three candidates are running for the one spot on the BOD and there will be a meet the candidate on the 29th of October for members to get to know the three candidates better. Feedback from candidates has been positive and appreciative of the new transparency.


No updates.


Neil Effertz is overseeing the show. No sale catalog this year (helps with expense), but encouraging breeders to get pictures. People’s choice will be eliminated during the show. However the animals are judged in the show will be their sale order. There will be an online catalog featuring the animals. More details are featured on the Aberdeen site about the sale.


A reciprocal agreement has been reached with Canada. This group is different when it meets in that it has a lot of international associate members. A mutual understanding is still being worked on with Australia. There is interest in smoothing the transition of materials between Neogen when there are animals being transferred between Australia and the USA. Finally, the breed is trying to get a spot in the international room in Denver, which would be a first, and a great opportunity.


The committee is still finding its way with a junior BOD and national BOD. With a heifer futurity tabled until a non-profit foundation gets approved, fundraising ideas has become the chief project the committee has been set to work on.

Juniors in the Northeast. We (Northeast region) would like to have a stock show etc. Something like Sullivan Supply Stock Show University. Possibly in April in a venue in Massachusetts or New York.

Northeast Aberdeen Chat:

Host on a zoom account, chat with members. We want to get our members to ask questions and get to know another.

Eastern gave a great welcome package to all National members in their region. We should look at doing the same, to bring new membership in. Another idea to build our regional association is to have a field day for the breed, a pen show for non-halter trained grass fed cattle.

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