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September 2019 Annual Meeting Notes

Members in Attendance

Rebecca Miller

Jake Boudreau Adrienne and Glenn Card Brad Lewis

Kimberly Travis Jayne Smith Ken Smith Dawn Serafin Laura and Sarah Dudley Maggie Flahive Gary and Morgan Gerstenlauer

Treasurer Report: Bank account has $13,346.65 in it. There is no longer money coming from national to the regions, so we have to come up with funds on our own.

Committees are all going well, there are email updates on the national site, and all positions will be back up for bid in January of 2020.

Dawn Serafin was elected as a new board member to the Northeast Region.

Website: We need to update the website, there are multiple individuals associated with the breed in other regions who have helped with regional and national American Aberdeen websites. This list includes Edje (who did the national and Midwest region site), Kay Kauffman, and Dustin James. The membership approved spending $1500 to update the website and will start to get bids. Thank you Jayne Smith for assisting in this process.

KILE (Keystone International Livestock Expo) will be pursued as an additional venue in 2020. There are additional youth outside of the region in Findlay, Ohio that would be likely to attend as well. There is potential for this show to get great numbers and become a major show for both the Northeast and the Eastern Region.

There is an interest in having a heifer futurity program and or field day in the future within our region.

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